Beach Bumz Wins Golden Noodle

You know how in racing they talk about the photo finish and you have to wait until the judges review all angles to make a final decision? Well, this year’s Mac and Cheese Festival the people’s choice votes selected #46 as the OVERALL WINNER of the 2023 Golden Noddle Trophy.  

On Saturday we reported that Damien Whitley #46 was the OVERALL WINNER but Damien was not in the #46 spot this year.  1sr Place Overall Winner #46 Marian Canady and Dean White of Beach Bumz. 2nd Place Overall Winner was #5 Jaleeka Buggs.3rd Place Overall Winner was #27 Eric Delia.

Congratulations to the 2023 Mac and Cheese Festival Winners!! MEAT:  #5 – Jaleeka Buggs. SEAFOOD:  #38 – Better Value Motors. CLASSIC (Traditional):  #27 – Eric Delia. VEGETARIAN:  #48 – Dawn Hamel

Once again, thanks to all the Volunteers, Cooking Contestants, Festival Attendees, Media Outlets and Sponsors of this Super Event.  We owe it all the Positive Energy and Fun-Loving Givers!!! -The Island Men