“REALTORS Give Back” to Carolina Beach Boardwalk 

This past Friday Cape Fear Realtors from all over the County showed up to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk for their “REALTORS Give Back” Service Project. Volunteers participated in the clean-out and planting of the Cape Fear Boulevard bump outs adding further to the work the group did last Fall. Organizer Karen Graybush shared, “Massive gratitude! Cape Fear REALTORS GIVE BACK DAY! Today, with the help of Debra Eudy LeCompte, Suzie Mary Lude, Jay Healy and about 30 realtors,with a few lenders mixed in, we pulled off planting the bump outs and added further to the work we did last fall in the beds and planters all the way up to the boardwalk! So many realtors from all the way to Hampstead and Brunswick and north Wilmington and of course our Island came out to help! I’m always thankful to Cynthia Paluso Remahl and the agents in our Intracoastal Realty office for participating and supporting as well! And Cape Fear Realtors bought all of the supplies and plants! Beyond grateful for the opportunity to get some flowering perennials in, fill in the blank spots, and expand them in the future! Massive gratitude to a town that supports our initiatives!

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