Sign Up Created to Sweep Handicap-Accessible Mats

As a part of her Girl Scout Golden Award, Ms. Madeline Fischer has continued to support Ocean Cure and the group’s efforts to keep and create more handicap accessibility to the beach! The handicap-accessible mats located at Lifeguard Tower #17 in front of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk offer individuals independent access to the sand. Each day, sand and debris build up on the mats, causing them to become inaccessible. At Fischer has created an online sign-up to keep them clean, simply search “Sweep Carolina Beach Handicap Accessible Mats” there you will find available “slots,” Once signed up make sure you watch the YouTube video that provides helpful instructions and details on where you can find brooms and shovels to borrow! 

“When you help sweep or shovel you also get to spread the word about Ocean Cure, get some Vitamin D, meet wonderful people, check the surf, and feel the salt air. What could be better? I know having the same accessibility so many get to enjoy.”