Star Party Celebrates the Night Sky

This past Friday the Cape Fear Museum, Carolina Beach State Park, Cape Fear Astronomical Society, and many other community partners delivered an evening of stargazing and astronomy-themed activities for Star Party 2023! This year’s annual event celebrated the Night Sky! The all-free event included a guided night-sky tour of the stars and planets, close views of the stars, planets, and more using binoculars and telescopes, star-themed stories at the Stellar Story Corner, hands-on activity stations to learn about (and celebrate!) the universe and so much more!

Cape Fear Museum of History and Science’s founding collection dates to 1898. Over the years, the Museum has grown and changed. It began collecting confederate relics, and now collects images and artifacts that help us understand the history, science and cultures of the region and is the regional science center for school groups and families. 

Carolina Beach State Park is a North Carolina state park in New Hanover County, North Carolina. It covers 761acre on Pleasure Island. The state owns 420acre of the park in fee simple, and the remainder of park land is leased from the Department of the Army. The park is located along the Cape Fear River and Snow’s Cut (part of the Intracoastal Waterway).Pocosin wetlands, a type of wetland that supports rare carnivorous plant species, are found in the park. Carnivorous plants found at this park include Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, butterworts and bladderworts.The park features six miles of hiking trails. Other amenities include a marina, campsites, picnic area, and a visitor’s center featuring natural history exhibits.