Q&A with Chad Kirk, Town of Carolina Beach Mayor Candidate

What special skills do you bring to counsel should you be elected?    My strength is listening. I have had the privilege of working every weekend for 2 years at the SeaWitch , and every weekend this year at Beach Bumz. I have worked the high traffic doors at each establishment, and I have listened to thousands of people. Local residents, business owners, tourists,  and employees of almost every business on this island. I have not met one person who dislikes this island. Everyone loves Carolina Beach, but I have heard many, many, many people say that we can do better. I agree and promise to be a voice of the people, a voice of the businesses, and a voice of the tourist, who could choose any place in the world to vacation, but choose our special island.

What has driven you to run in this election? I am running for Mayor of CB because I believe our town can do better with enforcing our beach and boardwalk rules, and our town can come up with a better paid parking arrangement that is kinder to our businesses, residents, and visitors.

Do you have any upcoming events promoting your run for office?    I have no planned upcoming events promoting my run for mayor, but I am willing to listen to anybody’s concerns. I can easily be found on weekends at one of Beach Bumz doors if anyone is interested in meeting me.

Any final words for residents as we look to electing the new counsel?Carolina Beach is my world. Rarely do I cross the bridge into what I consider “the other world.” It would be an honor to represent this town as the mayor, and I would pour my heart and soul into the position.