Q&A with Connie Mearkle, Town of Kure Beach Commissioner Candidate

What has driven you to run this Election?  

I was born in a small town, actually smaller than Kure Beach. I really appreciate the small-town feel of Kure Beach, the friendliness of my neighbors and the beautiful ocean.  We were part time residents for 6 years and have been full time since 2011.  Since moving here I’ve had numerous opportunities to serve the community.  I currently serve on the Kure Dunes HOA Board of Director’s and have served on the Board for over 6 years; served on the Board of Adjustment for 3 years; the Stormwater Committee for 2 years; and currently serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission.  I volunteer for Pets in the Park and Island Men fund raising events.  Through my volunteerism, I have listened and learned from the members of our community about what is important to them.

 I am driven to run for Town Commissioner in order to keep the small town feel for our neighborhoods, assure that beach nourishment funds are available, use my financial expertise to evaluate project spending, ensure that we have recreational and greenspace to make our lives enjoyable, and that we maintain and improve our town infrastructure in order to keep our town safe and clean. The Kure Beach Land Use Plan is a great template of what our community wants for our future.

What specific skills do you bring to council should you be elected/ re-elected? 

My educational background is accounting and finance, with financial careers at Merck, CSX and Lockheed Martin.  Prior to retiring, I was the VP of Global Treasury at Lockheed Martin.  My extensive financial background puts me in a unique position to evaluate how we allocate our funds for projects and to provide valuable input to the town budgeting process.

My career has taken me from New York, to Charlotte and to Maryland.  I have always served the communities where I have lived, with volunteerism throughout my career.  I’ve served as Treasurer of two HOA’s, Treasurer of a daycare center, and served on the Junior Council of the American Ballet Theatre.  I have used my financial career to help nonprofit organizations prepare annual budgets and long-range plans.  The Town’s primary source of income comes from a share our property taxes and I want to ensure that we use these funds in the best way and based on your input.

Please share any social media page(s) or websites.

I can be followed on Facebook.  I do not have a website at this time.  Please contact me by email at connie2@mearkle.com

Do you have any upcoming events promoting your run for office?

I do not currently have any campaign events planned.  I will make the community aware of any upcoming events.

Any parting words for residents as we look forward to electing the next council?

 I have the passion, energy and time to devote to the Council.  I will work for you, be a good listener and balance your input with the overall requirements of our town.  I believe that I would be the best candidate for the Council as I bring a different perspective with my financial background.   I would be honored and consider it a privilege to serve as a Town Commissioner. Thank you for your support.