Q&A with Deb LeCompte, Town of Carolina Beach Council Member Candidate

What has driven you to run this Election? 

As a 20-year resident of Carolina Beach, I want the opportunity to continue with the strategic progress our Town Council has made over the past two years in addressing infrastructure and quality of life issues. Our collective list of accomplishments is outstanding, and I am proud to have offered my focus and contributions to towards creating a historic infrastructure plan, establishing WNHB/AM 1610 radio for emergency situations, and pursuing our Boardwalk bathroom renovations.

What specific skills do you bring to council should you be elected/re-elected?

Prior to joining Council 2 years ago, I had served as Chair for our Planning & Zoning Commission and Chair of the Boardwalk Committee. I currently serve as a Council Liaison for both the Police Advocacy and the Centennial Committees, the alternate member for the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO), and am an associate member for the Port, Waterway, and Beach Commission.  

I have recently retired from owning my own business for the past 20 years. My business acumen combined with my extensive volunteer-based leadership and knowledge of how Carolina Beach operates affords me a unique perspective of our town.

During the last two years as your Councilwoman, I have found we have so much to be thankful for by calling Carolina Beach home, but that we also have opportunities to improve some of the fundamentals of local governance. One of the areas I excel at is open communication. I am not afraid to voice an unpopular opinion or ask the tough questions that our residents want answered. Additionally, I am skilled at problem-solving and looking for a compromise when necessary to advance our priorities. My collective leadership and management skillsets allow me to represent our Citizens very effectively.

I have made it a priority to learn how our infrastructure works from the bottom up. Through in-depth tours of our water facilities, our wastewater treatment plant, and our storm water system, I have a clear understanding of where we are now and what we need to plan for in the future. 

I have served through 2 budget cycles and have gained tremendous knowledge of how the process works.  Staff was asked to provide more public hearings and input. During the 2023/24 Budget Cycle, additional budget open houses/public hearings were implemented, including one prior to the Council Budget Retreat in January to ensure we had sufficient public input.

Relationships are particularly important when it comes to leading our town. I continue to expand my relationships with our New Hanover County Commissioners, County Staff as well as elected officials from Wilmington and our neighboring beach towns, as well as State and Federal offices.

Please share any social media page(s) or websites. 

Website – www.DebraLeCompte.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DebLeCompteForCarolinaBeachTownCouncil/

Cell – (910) 471-7545

Email – debra.e.lecompte@gmail.com

Do you have any upcoming events promoting your run for office?

I am devoting my time advancing our Town priorities, to that end, I do not currently have any campaign events scheduled. There will be events as the campaign season kicks off in the early Fall.  Please follow my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/DebLeCompteForCarolinaBeachTownCouncil/ and Website:  www.DebraLeCompte.com  for future campaign news and events. 

Any parting words for residents as we look forward to electing the next council?  

Carolina Beach needs to continue its progress on our #1 priority – infrastructure. That basic requirement then affords us the ability to improve the quality of life for all our residents, which in turn, allows Carolina Beach to be one of the best places to work, live, and raise a family. 

I would ask that when you are deciding who has earned your vote, please look at each candidate and evaluate what their depth of experience is, and what their total contributions have been to the Town of Carolina Beach.

I respectfully ask for your support and your vote in November. Thank you.