Q&A with Tyler McDowell, Town of Carolina Beach Mayor Candidate

1. What has driven you to run this election? My strong desire to see positive changes in Carolina Beach.

2.  What specific skills do you bring to the council should you be elected? I’m a strong communicator.  I’m open, honest, and transparent.  And I’m eager to help my home in every way I can.

3. Please share any social media page(s) or websites. Facebook, TikTok.

4. Do you have any upcoming events promoting your run for office? I will be holding meet and greets on different dates throughout the campaign that can be found on my facebook page, and anything else added will be posted there as well.

5. Any parting words for residents as we look forward to electing the next town council?   After all this is set and done, we’re all still neighbors and community.  Your vote can change Carolina Beach.  Vote with love and be the change you want to see.